Ava Labs Hired Roche??!! What Will Happend??!!

On the crypto compound today we had a leak on Avalanche: basically a bunch of days ago an article explained that the company behind Avalanche (Ava labs) hired Roche (a law firm) to sue competitors to point the SEC and regulators at them. The news was not very shared, until CZ from Binance retweeted it today, sparking some discussions. He then decided to remove the post and eventually the Ava founder tweeted his official answer, i.e. nothing is true https://twitter.com/el33th4xor/status/1564300498957737984?s=20&t=rqi-DWK-croANgPG9oFPJw Tbh there is much more to know on this, we are just at the beginning imo.

Before the bomb, we have a chill statistics by the block, basically an analysis on american shows that the large majority of the ones that invested in crypto is not satisfied, and this is very related to the timing of their beginning. Guess what? the ones who bought BTC at the highs expecting a 100k and finding barely a 20k 😅